About us

Sassan, the other co-founder of Copend, came home one day to two Amazon boxes on his doorstep. When he looked at the receipt of that purchase, he was astounded that it costed him over 300 Euro for just 24 items, much more than before. Frustrated, he went to 5 different stores around his area and individually counted the prices for that same shopping trip. The result? The cheapest store, which is close in proximity to his home, was able to offer him 20% less than what he paid.


After talking with Hadi, who worked at online retailer companies like BOL, as a senior software developer, they decided to build Copend.

“It looks that everyone likes to save time and money on their groceries, but the trade-off is not always easy to be chosen. On one side, cutting costs is becoming more important than before, but finding the better offers is not easy and takes a lot of time and energy. So, at the end, it seems like a dilemma, which can not be solved easily”, says Hadi.

After a market study, and due to an economic background and IT knowledge of the two co-founders, Copend came to life.

With this app, customers don’t have to choose between saving time or saving money. Instead, they can have the best of both worlds. Customers are able to make a quick shopping list, pick the store with the cheapest groceries, and if needed, send it off to another user to do the shopping.

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