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December 7, 20220

find the cheapest supermarket in the Netherlands In 2022


The average price of groceries in the Netherlands increased to 15.5% in November 2022, and it is expected to rise even more in the new year. According to the CBS (Central Bureau of Statistics), approximately 11% of a Dutch person’s monthly earnings are spent on groceries and food.

This figure is plausible because groceries are essential to people’s spending. Meat, fish, egg, and dairy are the Dutch’s favorite groceries and have the highest price increases, but how can we get these groceries cheaper? That’s right, buying from the cheapest supermarket!

If you’re looking for the cheapest supermarket with affordable prices, now is the right time!‌ We have collected all information about the Netherlands’ cheap supermarkets and will tell you how Copend help you to find the most inexpensive products among them.

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Top 5 best cheapest supermarkets in the Netherlands


There are different supermarkets in the heart of residential areas of the Netherlands that you can arrive on by bike or foot. Some of these supermarkets offer special offers, from 35% to 50% (or more) off the original prices. By shopping from one of these cheap supermarkets, you can find lower prices for groceries and other items.

Cheapest supermarket Netherlands



The Jumbo is the second biggest supermarket chain in the Netherlands. This is the cheapest supermarket in the south of the Netherlands, which has 700 stores in all cities. Food and groceries have lower prices and reasonable quality in Jumbo stores.

You can find Jumbo’s cheapest grocery stores in 2 different types; the standard supermarket and the smaller city express-style stores and which are open daily. Jumbo is renowned for fair product pricing and excellent customer service.



Dirk is another Dutch supermarket that may not be as widespread as Jumbo, but you can find almost everything you need at a low price and the best quality in one of its stores. Dirk has 120 stores around the country, and you can probably find one close to you.

It also has great promotions and offers for many products sold here, such as groceries, dairy, ready meals, and household needs. Dirk is one of the cheapest supermarkets in the Netherlands because you can find products that cost 1 euro here!



Aldi is a classic, cheerful, and cheap supermarket in the Netherlands. This famous German brand, with up to 10 thousand stores across more than 20 countries, is very good at placing prices on its products, but it may look less fancy!

Aldi offers special weekly offers so you can buy any products you need, even cheaper. This cheapest grocery store is great for general household items, such as bread, fruits, pasta, cheese, egg, and dairy. If you want to buy the best groceries with the lowest budget, don’t forget Aldi!



One of the other cheapest supermarkets in the Netherlands is Lidl. Lidl has a very similar layout approach to Aldi. The upside of Lidl is that you can find a wide range of high-quality products at low prices. Unfortunately, the stores of this cheap supermarket are usually far from the city centers. Still, if you have time, it’s worth the journey.



Coop is a British company with many branches scattered around the world. You can find a variety of cheap products in this supermarket. Undoubtedly, the very affordable price is the main reason Coop is on the list of the cheapest supermarkets in the Netherlands. The Coop also often offers promos in the form of weekly discounts. These discounts will encourage you to buy!

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Copend and find the cheapest supermarket!


As you know, Copend is a mobile app that helps users quickly find better alternatives for their favorite grocery products across different cheapest supermarkets in the Netherlands. Visiting multiple cheap supermarkets and searching for more affordable groceries and discounted products takes time and energy. But Copend helps you to save time by providing access to all the cheapest online supermarkets.

This app is a reliable online tool to compare the cheapest supermarket based on price and other attributes. The Copend has created an extensive product database of large cheap supermarket in the Netherlands, like Jumbo, Dirk, Aldi, Lidl, Coop, and…, and lets you searches and finds the nearest and cheapest grocery store around your location.

How selecting a favorite supermarket with this app?


You should select your favorite supermarket nearby in-app (such as Jumbo!). After choosing your favorite cheap stores, you can access all supermarket products with up-to-date prices. The Copend app is easy to use and a Smart way to buy groceries on a budget!

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No supermarkets are always the cheapest, sometimes Dirk, sometimes Coop, or other stores, but Copend always helps to find the cheapest supermarket based on real-time prices. Try this app once and enjoy an easy and inexpensive purchase.

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