How do you Compare groceries based on price or other characteristics (such as health and eco) in the Netherlands?

December 27, 20220

Compare groceries:


comparing groceries


Comparing groceries is quite a tricky job. There are many supermarkets all claiming to be the cheapest. And although you can memorise some cheap products at various supermarkets, comparing grocery prices is a lot of work. In addition, prices are changing so rapidly these days that it’s really impossible to keep up with them. Systems that have to be updated manually cannot be kept up to date as a result of these rapid changes. Yet, the Copend grocery app manages to do this. And we’re going to explain why!


Compare groceries and save money


Comparing prices between various supermarkets is nearly impossible to do manually. If you want to be sure you can get the cheapest groceries, you will have to use a tool for this. The problem with many apps that compare supermarkets and groceries is that they are not up to date. Mainly because prices change so often that changes cannot be implemented in time. Yet Copend manages to do this because they use a unique automated system to keep track of prices.


Copend remains up to date


Copend is the first app that allows you to compare groceries in the Netherlands. What makes Copend so unique are two things: The app is up to date with prices, offers and price changes. And the Copend grocery app helps you make better choices by recommending healthier or more sustainable alternatives that are actually on the shelf in-store.


The Copend grocery app collects the current prices of various supermarkets and drugstores in one large database. That means that in addition to supermarket prices, you can also compare Etos prices with Kruidvat, as well as Action, for example! Copend’s database keeps track of all prices accurately. This means that price changes at a store are implemented in the database as quickly as possible. As a result, they are almost always correctly visible in the app and you are always assured of insight into current prices and price changes.


Compare affordable, healthy and sustainable groceries


What makes the Copend grocery app even more unique are the alternative suggestions it provides. When you put a product on your shopping list, the app suggests various alternatives. This way you can easily see whether another product is cheaper, healthier or better for the environment. You will also see the price of the alternatives displayed immediately. In this way, the Copend app helps you make healthier and more sustainable choices in your shopping list. So you can easily make better choices that will fit within your budget. If you want to know more about the Copend app and how it works, read this blog as well.

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