How does Copend help to cope with rising grocery prices?

December 8, 20220

Russia and Ukraine are the two most immense agricultural powers in the world and play a critical role in supplying food to global markets. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine caused the rising price of energy resources in the world and has various negative impacts on food security and rising grocery prices in Europe.

As you know, the global supply chain food was disrupted before the war under pressure caused by global climate changes, the energy crisis, and corona epidemic. If the war deepens, rising grocery and food prices will pressure the people. Because the cost of groceries keeps growing, it will remain so until 2023!

Rising grocery and food prices

The inflation rate of food in the Netherlands 1997-2023


According to the Trading Economics report, food inflation in the Netherlands from 1997 to 2022 was an average of 1.77 percent. This figure reached 5.73 percent in September 2004 and reached Its highest level of 14.3 percent in October of 2022. This percentage was different among all the various sectors of the economy. Still, Trading Economics analysts say the Netherlands’ Food Inflation is projected to trend around 2.20 percent in 2023. Since the start of the Ukrainian war, the costs of living have gone up drastically due to the war, inflation, and other things. Also, it is expected to rise even more in the coming year due to an unprecedented drought in Europe.


How much have grocery prices gone up with inflation in 2023?


Based on a study by market research agency GfK, grocery prices in the Netherlands have increased by 15.5 percent since September. This year, beef prices have blown up 12 percent, and eggs, chicken, and fish prices have jumped 8 percent. The shopping trolley with 55 essential products cost 100 euros in September, but in mid-May, it cost 115.60 euros. It can take a massive chunk out of your monthly budget!

Grocery is a vital part of our daily life. Finding products that, in addition to being organic, have lower prices can significantly help control living costs. But how should we cut grocery costs, or in other words, how can we have a cheaper shopping trolley?

Copend; Clever way to cut grocery costs and save money


Everyone is cutting costs where they can, but as mentioned before, we need help to avoid groceries. People are more and more searching for cheap groceries and even trying local stores, but it takes a lot of effort and time to find the best deals on their groceries. If you want to buy the products you need at the best prices and save your money from now on, the Copend is an intelligent choice!

The Copend is a free app that creates your online shopping list by showing you the best prices. With this app, you will always find the best prices for your favorite groceries in the nearest location.

How does it work?

  1. See a list of the nearest stores.
  2. Find all the current grocery deals and special offers
  3. Create a list of products you like or need
  4. Check out the alternatives around


The Copend is a free app that creates your online shopping list by showing you the best prices

3 Ways to cut the grocery cost by Copend


The Copend is a new mobile app that helps people to buy their groceries more consciously. It allows you to find the best price or alternative product for your shopping list at stores around their location. There are several advantages to using this app:


✔ Save money on grocery


The Copend helps you to search and see grocery prices. This app helps to make your groceries more affordable by finding cheaper organic products. It does this by combining all products from many shops in one app. The Copend has created an extensive product database of large retailers in the Netherlands, like Albert Heijn, Etos, Dirk, Lidl, Coop, etc., and helps you find all current cheaper offers and create your shopping list with cheap groceries.

✔ Save Time on Grocery


More people are visiting multiple stores, searching for cheaper groceries and discounted items to cut their grocery costs, which takes time and energy. The Copend saves time by providing access to more grocery items across merchants. You don’t have to waste your time in different stores to search for the best groceries because this app adds them all up and lets you know the estimated total from every grocery store around your location.

✔ Price Check on Grocery


There is no reliable tool to compare grocery products based on price and different attributes. But Copend is the most powerful app to price checking for grocery products across grocery stores in the Netherlands. This app searches and finds the nearest and cheapest shopping list around your location using our powerful search technology on our up-to-date grocery product database. One-click lets you quickly check how much a buying list costs in different stores.

cut the grocery cost by Copend


However, costs are rising, and life is more expensive than ever, but the Copend came to help you save money on groceries. It is an easy-to-use app where you can make the best grocery decisions beforehand. What are you waiting for? Start by installing the Copend app on your Android or IOS device!

To try it, select your favorite shopping or the store closest to your home in the app and start creating your buying list. After selecting the store, you have access to all store products with up-to-date and low prices. You can easily explore and choose your favorite groceries using our efficiently designed search tool.


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