How does Copend help cut your cost of living?

January 6, 20230

How does Copend help cut your costs of living?


cost of living


The cost of living for Dutch households rose to record levels last year. Due to war in Europe, drought, and rising energy prices. The cost of living is expected to rise even further in 2023 due to rising insurance and subscription costs. Cutting back on the cost of living seems next to impossible for many people in the Netherlands. And certainly not on food, right? We all just have to eat and drink after all. Still, the Copend grocery app can help save on fixed expenses by helping to save dozens of euros each month on our groceries alone. Something that seems very difficult but is certainly possible. Let us elaborate.


The grocery budget is part of the cost of living


We all need to eat and the cost of doing so is part of our cost of living. Saving on your cost of living is very difficult, especially now that prices for just about everything has skyrocketed over the past year. Health insurance, car insurance and home insurance are going up in price as well. All in all, according to NIBUD, 70% of our income is spent on fixed costs. This means that 42% of Dutch people have had one or more payment problems during the past year. Cheap shopping no longer seems to be an option. However, there is often still a lot to achieve there and the Copend grocery app helps with that.


How does Copend help with this?


Humans are creatures of habit. Generally, we choose the nearest supermarket in the neighbourhood, and

some drive to Lidl every once in a while, because it’s probably cheaper. But no single supermarket is always

the cheapest. Prices can vary enormously and that is precisely why there is a great deal to improve when it

comes to saving on groceries.


The Copend grocery app gives you insight into the costs of your shopping list. This way you can immediately

see how many euros you can save by simply going to another supermarket nearby for that exact list. It could

just be that the same bag of groceries costs you 50 euros at Jumbo, while it costs between 40 and 42 euros at

Dirk, Coop or Aldi. How much money you can save depends entirely on your shopping list, of course, but one

thing is certain. The Copend app makes it clear and insightful so you can save money without investing a lot of

time in it.


How does the Copend grocery app work?


The Copend app is actually very straightforward. You select the store you are familiar with and compile your

shopping list with real products from that store. Just as if you wanted to order groceries online. The app will

give you alternative suggestions for possible cheaper, healthier or more sustainable products and you will

immediately see the price difference. When your shopping list is complete, you can immediately see what

your shopping list costs at other nearby supermarkets. So you know exactly if and how much it pays to go to

another supermarket instead of the one you are used to. That way, you can save dozens of euros every month

on your grocery budget and thus cut your cost of living. Want to know more about how the Copend app helps you save on groceries? Then read this blog as well.


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