Copend, the app that helps find the cheapest Dutch supermarket(in 2023)

December 23, 20220

Copend, the app that helps find the cheapest Dutch supermarket:


Dutch supermarket


The cost for our daily groceries is increasing, something we have all noticed over the past year. More and more households are having to cut back in order to afford the rising cost of our basic necessities and necessities. The Copend app provides an easy way to compare groceries to find the cheapest Dutch supermarket in the blink of an eye. Want to learn more about the Copend app and how it helps you save money? Then read on!


Find the cheapest Dutch supermarket in the blink of an eye


At Copend, we think it’s important to keep everyday groceries and a healthy diet affordable. Manually comparing offers and prices between different brands and supermarkets takes a lot of time. Let alone when you also have to include drugstores and stores like Action. With the Copend app you can easily and quickly see what the cheapest Dutch supermarket in your area is for your shopping list.


How does the Copend app work? 


Using the Copend app is very easy. You select your preferred store in the app and compile your shopping list from real products. In the same way you would if you were ordering groceries online. Then the app compares the prices of this supermarket with those of other stores. This is done using a real-time online database that tracks offers and prices. This way, you know exactly what your shopping list will cost at the Dutch supermarket you have selected. But it will also show you the total price of your list in any other Dutch supermarket. This way you can save dozens of euros on our groceries. Without having to spend hours looking at various brochures and apps to compare the current offers yourself. Shopping with the Copend app not only saves money, but also a lot of time.




Copend goes beyond just finding the cheapest Dutch supermarket


At Copend, we think it’s important to think beyond pricing alone. In fact, we also like to think about the health of our users. The cheapest choice in the supermarket is often not the healthiest choice. Saving money on daily groceries creates more budget to choose healthier products. But we weren’t satisfied with saving money on groceries alone. That’s why Copend also helps by suggesting healthier or more environmentally friendly alternatives So that you can make responsible choices in terms of healthy eating, but also for a more sustainable lifestyle.


And we don’t just do this for the Dutch supermarkets. Because in addition to large chain stores like the Dirk, Coop, Jumbo, Lidl, Aldi, Dirk and Albert Heijn, we also compare prices from drugstores and stores like Etos, Kruidvat, Action and Ekoplaza. Finding the best price for your shopping list has never been easier.


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