Find the cheapest supermarkets with Copend

December 24, 20220

Find the cheapest supermarkets with Copend:


cheapest supermarkets


Comparing offers, buying in bulk or always opting for the store brand? What is the best way to find the cheapest supermarkets? This is a very tricky question. Especially now that we are facing food inflation and shrinkage inflation as well. On top of that, prices these days change so often that it is impossible to keep up with them. At least not by hand. But with the Copend grocery app that’s exactly what you do, compare your shopping list with similar products in other stores to find the cheapest supermarkets. That way, within just a few clicks, you not only know what your shopping list will cost at your preferred supermarket but also where you’ll be cheaper for your groceries! We’ll explain it to you!


What are the cheapest supermarkets?


If only it were that easy, all of the Netherlands would probably be shopping at the same supermarket. The price differences between supermarkets can vary enormously. For example, 3-ply toilet paper is more expensive at supermarket A than they are at supermarket B. While vegetables, for example, are cheaper in supermarket A. Now of course you can learn that by heart and hope that the prices don’t change, but that’s no guarantee. Finding the cheapest supermarkets is a real art, but we were convinced it could be easier. That’s why there is the Copend grocery app, so that finding the cheapest supermarkets, becomes easy!


Automatically compare prices in our database


Copend works with a real-time online database to constantly compare prices. If a price changes in one of the stores, it is immediately updated in the system. As a result, all the prices in our app are up to date and you immediately know what the cheapest supermarkets are for your shopping list. The Copend grocery app automatically compares the prices of various stores including the Jumbo, Lidl, Kruidvat, Etos, Action, Albert Heijn, Aldi, Coop, Dekamarkt, Dirk and the Ekoplaza.


How does Copend let you find the cheapest supermarkets?


Finding the cheapest supermarkets with the Copend app is not only easy but fast as well. It saves you money every time you do your shopping. But it also saves you a lot of time and effort. Time that you undoubtedly have better things to do with than spend on bargain hunting in the grocery store.


In the Copend app, simply choose the supermarket you are familiar with, for example, the one closest to you. Chances are you visit there most often and thus know the products better. In the app, you create a shopping list from existing products that are actually available in-store Just as if you were shopping online. After you complete your grocery list you can start comparing prices. The Copend app will then show you what this same shopping list will cost at other supermarkets nearby. This immediately shows you how much money it saves, what the cheapest supermarkets are and how much further away from home you have to go. Want to know more about exactly how the Copend app works? Then read this blog too!


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