How Copend helps cut grocery cost

December 13, 20220

How Copend helps cut grocery cost:


Cut grocery costs


Rising supermarket prices, we’ve all been dealing with them for months. And price increases are making it harder and harder for more and more people to do healthy grocery shopping. But saving money on groceries seems like an impossible task; after all, we all have to eat. We all know that tip of not grocery shopping when hungry though. Or go to the cheapest supermarket. But prices are changing so fast now, it’s impossible to keep track of which supermarket is the cheapest. Usually, we just shop at the nearest supermarket. But it may very well be that you can cut your grocery cost each month at another supermarket. And that is exactly what the Copend app wants to make accessible to consumers. So that we can keep groceries affordable.


Why are our groceries getting increasingly expensive 


Almost everything seems to increase in price around us over the past year. Not only groceries but also electricity, gas, fuel and raw materials are getting more expensive at a record pace. The war between Ukraine and Russia has not escaped anyone’s notice and indirectly it is all related. Products like grains, sunflower oil, meat and dairy hold the highest price tags. But other products that contain plastic are also increasing in price. This may not sound logical at first but one of the raw materials of plastic is crude oil, 30% of which comes from Russia. Besides war, climate change, drought and crop failures are also a cause of the current price increases.


Supermarkets also make conscious choices to keep certain products affordable. As a result, other prices have to go up, which often feels unfair to consumers. People are not willing to pay twice as much for a carton of milk, for example. But a bag of nuts can double in price. On top of that, “shrinkflation” is also a thing. Here the price remains the same but there is less content in a product. That 3-euro bag of nuts that used to contain 500 grams now contains only 380 grams, for example.


Another reason for price increases is the increase in transportation and housing costs. In the Netherlands, companies have little stock on hand because large storage locations abroad are cheaper. Despite the additional costs of transporting the goods to the Netherlands. These costs are now so out of balance that everything has to be passed on, unfortunately, the consumer suffers.


 How to save money on groceries 


There are several tips that will help you cut grocery costs on your daily and weekly groceries. We have listed these for you;

  • Make a shopping list
  • Compare offers
  • Choose the cheapest supermarket
  • Choose cut vegetables instead of pre-cut ones
  • Look at the bottom shelves more often
  • Avoid expensive soft drinks (Choose water, lemonade, tea and coffee)


Cut grocery costs with the Copend app


Those first three tips in particular were very important to us at Copend. Make a shopping list, compare offers and choose the cheapest supermarket. But this is a time-consuming task. And the prices in the supermarket change so quickly these days that it’s no longer possible to keep track of them yourself. The Copend grocery app is the solution. The app helps you shop faster, and more efficiently and cut grocery costs at the same time.


The Copend app is straightforward. You choose your favourite supermarket and create a shopping list with existing products. Based on your shopping list, the app gives possible suggestions for cheaper alternatives on the shelf. You can also view suggested alternatives that are cheaper, more sustainable or healthier. The latter two are not necessarily more expensive! Then the app shows you which Dutch supermarket is the cheapest nearby and what the price difference is. Cutting Grocery costs becomes easy with the Copend app.

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