How to find cheaper, healthier, or more eco-friendly groceries among different supermarkets?

December 13, 20220

How to find cheaper, healthier, or more eco-friendly groceries among different supermarkets?




We all know that healthy groceries are often not the cheapest. We are often tempted to make less healthy purchases when we do our groceries. Especially now that most of us want to limit our spending while grocery shopping. Copend helps you shop better and smarter. Whether you prefer to go for the cheapest option, or a healthy or sustainable alternative, it doesn’t matter with the Copend app. We list all the prices for you in our app so that you immediately know what you will spend at various supermarkets. This makes it easier to find healthy groceries for the cheapest price at various supermarkets.


All your groceries in a single app


Do you sometimes ask yourself in which supermarket your favourite groceries are the cheapest? Or maybe you ask yourself if there are any healthier alternatives to your usual items. Many products that end up in our basket are just convenient or attractive. We got used to purchasing them on autopilot. But with the Copend app, you can easily see if there is a cheaper, healthier, or more environmentally friendly alternative available. This not only saves time and money because you no longer have to compare everything yourself. It also saves you a lot of effort. And before you know it, with the Copend app, you have found an alternative product that meets your needs even better.


Sustainable groceries may not be as expensive as you expect 


When we think of sustainable and eco-friendly groceries, we immediately think of the price tag that comes with them. Sustainable shopping is something many people cannot afford right now, but is that really the case? Because it doesn’t always have to be that way. The Copend app aspires to create transparency for consumers. By suggesting more environmentally friendly alternatives for your favourite grocery items. Allowing you to choose whether or not the sustainable choice would fit your budget. Because some alternatives don’t cost as much as you might expect. In fact, sometimes they can even be cheaper.


With the Copend app, we hope to make the price difference between cheap, healthy and sustainable transparent, allowing consumers to make better choices. Choices that fit their budget, and their ideals as well. This way, we hope to help everyone on their way to a healthier and happier future.


 Why sustainable grocery shopping is important


When we think of sustainable groceries, we think of responsible fishing and free-range chicken. Expensive labels, in other words. And those come with a price tag. But sustainable choices in the supermarket these days are much more delicate than just a label. Even small choices like changing your dairy milk for soy milk is a start toward more sustainable shopping.


And in this case, a pack of regular dairy milk is even more expensive than a pack of soy milk. And then to make it even more appealing, opting for the healthier, unsweetened soy milk is cheaper as well.  So these kinds of healthier and more environmentally friendly alternatives can also be the cheapest! The Copend app helps make this more transparent. That way you’re not only making responsible choices for your budget, but for the environment as well.

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