Copend is the best app to discover sustainable products

January 5, 20230

Copend is the best app to discover sustainable products


sustainable products


Conscious shopping is very tricky. How do you know which products are healthy or sustainable and which are not? When you have to start comparing this manually, you spend way too much time in the supermarket staring at labels. But not with the Copend grocery app! Because the Copend grocery app goes the extra mile in comparison to other apps out there. Our app not only tells you what the nutritional value of a product is, but also at which supermarket a product is cheaper. It also shows you whether there are healthier or more sustainable alternatives on the shelf and how much they cost. Making good choices in the supermarket has never been easier.



A more sustainable lifestyle starts with yourself


Many people think that making sustainable choices at the supermarket means spending more money. For many products this is true, a can of tuna with a sustainable label is always a lot more expensive. So you choose a can without a label because it does fit your budget. But even among the cheaper cans of tuna, some choices are better than others. And the conscious choice does not always have to be the more costly one.


With the Copend grocery app, we want to make this transparent. The app ensures that you can shop cheaply because you are assured of the cheapest price. At the same time, based on the insights in nutritional values and alternative suggestions the app gives you, you can make better choices that do fit your budget. Every conscious choice counts. For example, pick up a carton of unsweetened soy milk instead of dairy milk. This is not only cheaper but also more sustainable and healthier. Because sustainable products are not always the most expensive.


 The app that gives insight into nutritional values and finds alternatives and compares prices


There are apps that compare deals, apps that compare sustainability and apps that rate products based on how healthy they are. But that gets you another app for every single thing on your device. And comparing products between different apps remains tricky and therefore time-consuming.


The Copend grocery app can do it all. With the app, you can effortlessly view the nutritional value of a product, find out where a product is the cheapest and make conscious choices with the suggested alternatives. On top of all that, you can see exactly which supermarket near you is the cheapest for your shopping list. This makes a more conscious lifestyle a lot easier, conveniently located in a single app. Want to know more about why we think Copend is the best grocery app? Then try reading this blog as well.

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