What is the best grocery app?

December 29, 20220

What is the best grocery app?


grocery app

The average grocery app only shows products found in their own supermarket. As a result, you have no insight into alternatives from other grocery stores. As a result, to view prices at different stores, you have to install multiple apps on your phone. And scrolling back and forth between multiple apps costs you a lot of time as well. At Copend, we thought this could be improved. That’s why our grocery app allows you to compare real products at various supermarkets. So you can use our shopping app to easily compare prices and shop consciously and affordably.



How does the Copend grocery app help you save money?


The Copend grocery app works with an online real-time database that keeps track of all prices and price changes as accurately as possible. You can immediately find out when a price was last checked in de app. As a result, you are almost always assured of the correct price in the app, and you won’t be caught off guard by all the price changes. When you have selected a product, the Copend app offers several alternatives. This allows you to easily find a cheaper product without having to put in a lot of effort. Allowing you to find cheaper grocery products, even though you buy from the same supermarket as you always would.


But saving money with the Copend grocery app goes one step further. When you make your list at your favourite supermarket or the supermarket nearby, you can compare it to other stores. You can immediately see what your shopping list costs at the nearest supermarket, but also how much cheaper you can be at another supermarket nearby. And this can sometimes save tens of euros on a full shopping cart.


Eating healthier with the Copend grocery app


The Copend grocery app doesn’t just help you save money at the supermarket. It also helps you on your way to a healthier lifestyle! Based on the products entered, the grocery app gives some healthier suggestions. This gives you easy insight into the nutritional value of various products so you can easily and quickly make healthier choices that fit your diet.


Sustainable shopping with Copend


To cheaper and healthier alternatives, the Copend grocery app also displays suggestions for sustainable products. This allows you to consciously choose products with a smaller carbon footprint. Surprisingly, this is not always a more expensive alternative. Thus, the app not only helps you save money at the supermarket but also helps you on your way to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Want to read more about how to compare foods with the Copend grocery app? Then also read this blog.

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