Why is Copend the best app for discount on groceries?

January 1, 20230

Why is Copend the best app for discount on groceries?




Cheap grocery shopping, this seems to be getting harder and harder with rising food prices. Not to mention shrinking inflation. Healthy and sustainable food is also becoming increasingly expensive, which is why it is now more important than ever for many Dutch people not to unnecessarily overpay for daily groceries. Fortunately, Copend offers a helping hand in this regard. The Copend shopping app makes it easy for you to see which products you get a discount on and whether you might get a bigger discount at another store. We’ll explain it to you!


Copend goes beyond brochure discount


Every supermarket and store has a flyer or discount brochure. But there is often more discount to be found than just the offers which are in a brochure. Sometimes there are more discount offers and promotions available. And sometimes another product is simply cheaper. When choosing another product that is cheaper, that actually gets you a discount too, right? The Copend app helps to make this transparent so you can take advantage of low prices, discount promotions and offers at various stores.


With Copend, you’ll always find the cheapest product


Price changes are processed as quickly as possible in Copend’s real-time database. This way you almost always have the most recent price in the app. Forget the signs in the supermarket with excuses that prices may vary at the checkout. With Copend you no longer have to worry about that, because you always have the most recent price at hand. In the app, you can instantly see when the last price check occurred. Including all discount promotions and offers from the various stores in the database. With the alternative suggestions from the app, you can easily choose the cheapest product or opt for a product with more discount.


 Current prices, offers and discount promotions


Offers, discount promotions and bargain prices often sound like a lot of fun in a brochure. But did you know that sometimes another supermarket has the same offer even cheaper? For example, the jumbo often has a 3 for-5-euro promotion on Johma salad trays. But at Boni, that same promotion is only 3.99 and they often run simultaneously. That means that you actually already have a euro discount if you simply drive to another supermarket for those products. When you repeat this with several discount promotions, it sometimes saves tens of euros per shopping cart!



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