Why is Copend the best grocery list app?

December 31, 20220

Why is Copend the best grocery list app?




We think Copend is the best app for your grocery list. But of course, we’re not just saying that. You see, Copend goes further where most grocery list apps stop. For example, with the Copend app you are not limited to one supermarket but can compare all supermarkets and their products. You will be able to view real products with a picture in the app. Allowing you to easily find prodcts and have your shopping list completed in no time.



A grocery list is often too vague


Most people make a grocery list on paper or in a grocery list app. This ensures that you don’t forget any products in the supermarket, provided you put them on the list, of course. But such a list often only contains a term like ‘cheese’ or ‘crackers’. Leaving the items open to interpretation. Because once you are in front of the shelf you have to start looking for the right product yourself, the cheapest choice or maybe just the healthy or sustainable one.  And especially when you give a grocery list to someone else, you run the risk of them coming home with the wrong items.


Vague shopping lists are unhelpful and time-consuming


So vague grocery lists are not useful, and they cost you unnecessary time in the supermarket. We thought Copend could do better, which is why we developed the best app for your grocery list. With our app you choose existing products from the shelf, so you know exactly which brand and which kind or variant of a product to take.


The Copend app shows your shopping list with a picture of the product you need. This makes it easy to locate the right product on the shelf. This saves you a lot of time as well as effort in the supermarket. This is especially an advantage when you’re in a supermarket you don’t frequent as often. For example, do you normally shop at Jumbo, but once you are forced to go to Albert Heijn? Then make your list of Jumbo products as usual and select in the app the other supermarket where you can go. On your list, various substitute products will be suggested including a photo. So that even in an unfamiliar supermarket, you will be outside in no time with a full shopping bag.


It takes a lot of time


Making a standard grocery list is nice to make sure you don’t forget any groceries, of course. But then you find yourself standing in front of the shelf looking for a healthy or cheap choice. With the Copend app, you can see exactly which product you’re looking for from your shopping list. As a result, you’re not only cheaper, but shopping becomes a lot more efficient and faster. After all, we have better things to spend our time on. Want to know more about the Copend grocery app and how it works? Then read this blog as well.

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